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i made you this mixtape

during my highschool & university years, mixtapes were huge.  if you wanted to make a cool gift for a friend, tell your crush how you really felt about them, or just share some music that you loved & thought everyone else should know about, you’d sit for hours in front of a double tape deck (remember those?), endlessly rewinding & recording, until you had just the right mix of songs.  then, you’d hand it over to your friend (or crush) with these words... 

”i made you this mixtape”

... & then, you’d wait – to see what they thought of your songs, to see if they heard the same things you did, to see if they understood the lyrics the way you wanted them to (or to see if they felt the same way!!). 
i miss making mixtapes – it’s all mp3 downloads now, and it just isn’t the same.  but i still have most of the mixtapes that friends (& old crushes!!) made for me years ago.  i listen to them in the studio while i’m working, and even though some of them are more than ten years old, each song that comes on is tied to my memories of the person who made me the tape, and for each song, i know the exact reason they added it to the mix.  & there’s nothing quite like putting a new mixtape in your tape deck for the first time – waiting after each song to hear what’s going to come next, and how one song leads into another, so that the mix, taken as a whole, tells you what the person who made it meant you to understand.
so, i decided to make the new yarn collection in the same way that i’d make a mixtape for a friend – based around songs that i love & that i think everyone else should know about.  each colourway is inspired by a lyric from one of my favourite songs - i've tried to capture in colour what i hear in the words & music that i love.  each colourway also has tones in common with many of the other colourways in the collection, so that they work together the same way a good mixtape should.


bitter bug

"i got bitten by the bitter bug/& i just can't get enough/of ill will & my own conceit/i'm weary of the world it seems"  (indigo girls, "second time around")

(bitter, poisonous green, almost covered with beetle-shell blue-black)

midnight owl

"i have seen such things child/ on this & the other side/words cannot hold you/midnight owl it does not know you/you will see for your sweet self/by & by"  (deb talan, "rocks & water")

(rich, dark owl-feather brown/black over owl-eye amber & gold)

seen the ocean

"you know their lives ran in circles so small/they thought they'd seen it all/but they could not make a place/for a girl who'd seen the ocean"  (michelle shocked, "memories of east texas")

(vivid, bright-ocean blues & turquoises)

last night's red dress

"running down the central reservation/in last night's red dress/i can still smell you on my fingers/& taste you on my breath"  (beth orton, "central reservation")

(rich, lush, decadent red over seductive purple & magenta)


strange rock n' rollers

"& all you strange rock n' rollers/you know you're doing all right/so hold on to each other/you gotta hold on tonight"  (dar williams, "midnight radio")

(purples, rusts, and greens - like a goth girl's makeup, strangely beautiful)

put on the day

"& the sun poured in like butterscoth/& stuck to all our senses/oh, won't you stay, we'll put on the day/& we'll talk in present tenses"  (joni mitchell, "chelsea morning")

(rich sunshine orange over butterscotch amber & gold)

derelict daughter

"you don't have to like me for who i am/but we'll see what you're made of by what you make of me/i think it's absurd/that you think i am the derelict daughter/you know i fight fire with words/words are hotter than flame, words are wetter than water"  (ani difrranco, "willling to fight")

(deep purple touched with flame-red & water-blue)

brass taps & oak

"we arrived in december & london was cold/we stayed in the bars off of charing cross road/we never saw nothing but brass taps & oak/kept a shine on the bar with the sleeves of our coats"  (spirit of the west, "home for a rest")

(polished oak & old brass; layered shades of amber, gold, rust & brown)

all of these colourways will be available in several different bases in the Old Maiden Aunt shop, but depending on demand, they may not all be available all at once!  (please note that the photos on this page are all taken using the 100% superwash merino 4ply base, and that the different fibre content of the other base yarns will mean that the colourways will come out slightly differently - please refer to the individual photo for each item listing to see an accurate photo of that particular base & dyelot).  

Old Maiden Aunt Yarns

unique & beautiful yarns, handmade in Scotland