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lon-dubh (blackbird)

lon-dubh (blackbird)

80% superfine alpaca & 20% silk; each skein has 100 grams & 280 yards. inspired by julie fowlis' beautiful gaelic version of the beatles song "blackbird", this colourway has been handpainted in the deep blue-black shades of a blackbird's feathers.

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Soak wash, project bags & other Old Maiden Aunt notions!!

combed tops (roving) for spinners & felters, handpainted in gorgeous shades and available in several different fibre blends.
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mill-spun yarn in several fibre blends & weights, handpainted in gorgeous colourways!
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these yarns are test skeins for new colourways which, for whatever reason, didn't make it through the "audition process".  maybe they just didn't work out the way they were meant to, or they ended up too similar to a colourway already in stock.  the skeins are not flawed, but are being sold at a discounted rate in order to clear out some space for even more new-colourway-tests!!

yarns in this category are either "seconds" (they may have breaks or knots, or have suffered a dyeing mishap of one kind or another) or they are colourways which have now been discontinued. all of them are offered at a discounted price, and if they are flawed, this will be clearly listed in the yarn description.